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Thursday, February 16, 2017

Executive Chef Vacancy in Kenya

Job Title: Executive Chef
Department: Food & Beverage
Job Grade: Grade B
Reports to: Food & Beverage Director
Job Scope
  • The Executive Chef is responsible for dealing with day to day operation and administration of the kitchen in a courteous, charming and professional manner to staff, both internal and external guests.
  • To oversee and direct all aspects of the kitchen operation under the general guidance and direction of the Food & Beverage Director, or his/her delegate and within the limits of the established Intercontinental Hotels group policies and procedures.
  • To be the main link between the kitchen production and departmental service sections.
  • To identify and anticipate guest needs by ensuring complete guest satisfaction.
Key Relationships: Key relationships will include but not limited to Food & Beverage Service, Housekeeping, Front Office, Accounts, Health Centre, Engineering, and Guest Relations etc.
Key Job Responsibilities:
1) Supervise the functioning of all kitchen employees, facilities and costs and contributes to maximising the overall Food & Beverage departmental profit.
2) Control and analyse, on an on-going basis, the following:
  • Quality levels of production and presentation including employee cafeteria.
  • Guests’ satisfaction.
  • Merchandising and marketing.
  • Operating Food costs.
  • Cleanliness, Sanitation, Hygiene
3) Responsible for the production, preparation and presentation of all food items to ensure highest quality at all times.
4) Establish and maintain effective employee relations and inter-departmental working relationships.
5) Conduct, under the guidance of the Food & Beverage Director, such functions as interviewing, hiring, employee orientation, performance appraisal, coaching, counselling and suspension if necessary to ensure appropriate staffing and productivity. Consult with Food & Beverage Departments/Sections Heads and personnel Manager, as appropriate, in performing the above duties.
6) Develop formal training plans and conducts on-the-job training sessions for kitchen employees.
7) Is responsible for the preparation of menus and participates in the pricing policy in consultation with the Food & Beverage Director, Restaurant Managers and Banqueting Manager, by taking into consideration the following:
  • Local requirements.
  • Market needs.
  • Competition.
  • Trends.
  • Recipes.
  • Potential costs.
  • Availability of Food & Beverage products.
  • Merchandising and promotion.
8) Work with the materials/Purchasing Manager in determining the minimum and maximum food par stocks. Ensures the completion of the market list in accordance with IHC quality and quantity standards. Inspects all perishable food items received for quality.
9) Attend and contributes to weekly department heads meetings and to weekly Food & Beverage departmental meetings.
10) Keep an up-to-date standard recipe file for all food items, to include:
  • Sales history.
  • Sales mix.
  • Actual cost.
  • Potential costs.
  • Par stock.
  • Production time.
11) Perform other duties as may be assigned by your superior from time to time.
Self Management
  • Comply with hotel rules and regulations
  • Comply with company grooming and uniform standards.
  • Comply with timekeeping and attendance policies.
  • Actively participate in training and development programs and maximize opportunities for self development.
Customer Service
  • Demonstrate service attributes in accordance with industry expectations and company standards to include:
  • Being attentive to guests
  • Accurately and promptly fulfilling guest requests
  • Understand and anticipate guest needs
  • Maintain a high level of knowledge which will enhance the guest experience
  • Demonstrate a service attitude that exceeds expectations
  • Take appropriate action to resolve guest complaints
  • Be able to promote the hotel (and InterContinental Hotels Group generally) products and services.
  • Maintain a high level of product and service knowledge about all InterContinental Hotels Group hotels in our region and all F&B activities.
Health Safety & Security
  • Demonstrate an understanding and an awareness of all policies and procedures relating to Health, Hygiene and Fire Life Safety at the hotel
  • Familiarize yourself with emergency and evacuation procedures at the hotel
  • Ensure all security incidents, accidents and near misses are always logged in timely manner and brought to the attention of the F&B manager as per Fire Life & Safety (FLS) procedures.
  • Comply with the company corporate code of conduct at all times.
  • Familiarize yourself with the company vision and values which link to our model of desired behaviours that we expect all employees to display.
  • Perform other tasks at the level of the role as directed by your line manager in pursuit
  • Should not perform duties under the influence of any drugs which have negative influence on performance.
The above is designed to help you in the understanding of your role and is not intended to be a definitive list of your duties, as flexibility in meeting company and guests needs is required by all employees.
Our client is offering a very competitive compensation package to the successful candidate.
Kindly send CV to

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