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Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Grassroots Economics Business Development Coordinator Vacancy in Kenya

Grassroots Economics is hiring a Business Development Coordinator!
About us: Grassroots Economics works to improve livelihoods in low-income areas. The challenges in those communities is expensive credit, volatile incomes and money flowing out of the community when purchasing products and services from outside.
We work with cooperatives of businesses in low-income areas in Mombasa and Nairobi and want to increase their efficiency and profits.
All our business activities are geared at funding and supporting marginalized communities.
We give rural and slum communities the ability to create their own credit backed by the business assets of the cooperative.
In order to give every mama mboga a zero interest loan there must be a strong collateral basis. This is why we seek someone to lead the way in developing community businesses and other assets.
We believe prospering economies come from thriving communities and need someone who believes in the positive potential of Uchumi Mashinani.
We currently work with over 1,000 businesses and are expanding to rural areas this year. A recent documentary on our work:
About the role: As the Business Development Coordinator you will lead the way in improving business outcomes across entrepreneurs in our cooperatives, including developing and managing procurement, warehousing and distribution.
Over time you will transform retail shops into wholesale centers, thus contributing to money staying within the community.
Success will be establishing financially viable retail and wholesale shops, with all operations, accounting and systems in excellent condition – and our entrepreneurs over time managing the shops with less and less support from you.
We envision that you will duplicate your success in Mombasa through coaching the team there – as well as in rural areas after a few months.
Your responsibilities will include:
  • Identifying wholesale demand within the area and balance our working capital abilities with this demand: Create an ideal balance between wholesale and retail approach for our shops.
  • Developing a 6 months strategic plan with supervisors for development of wholesaling business
  • Thinking through the requirements for a successful wholesale and distribution business in Nairobi (inventory, licensing, security, contracts, distribution etc.) and implement the required ground work
  • Identifying providers of key strategic products (unga etc) and establish supplier contracts
  • Put in place procedures around sales, inventory, accounting and all other systems
  • Training GE’s and partner’s staff on the new business approach and their roles
  • Together with our field officers identify and sign up clients and distributors of our products (other shops in the area to use our wholesale services)
  • Monthly tracking, analyzing of data and adjusting of priorities and approach
  • Coaching the teams on the ground to build skill – and in turn revenues and profits
  • Managing your time and approach as we roll out in Mombasa and Nairobi simultaneously
  • Participating in other strategic initiatives:
  1. Marketing our model and ideas to SACCOs.
  • Developing partnerships for pilots with them where suitable.
  1. Support in grant proposals and fundraising where possible
  2. Always keep in mind the larger vision of Grassroots Economics. Feeding all your learnings into the credit and savings facilities.
Who we are looking for:
  • Strong passion for progress in low-income areas and empathy to relate with small business owners and the community. You are interested in the larger questions of building economies, livelihoods, collateral, lending and credit questions.
  • Excited to get on the ground, roll up your sleeves and work with our team to figure out the economics of the wholesale business model
  • You are a strong relationship builder: with suppliers, clients and your team
  • While we don’t require accounting skills or training, you easily navigate ETR machines, book-keeping and inventory systems. You have collaborated with an accountant before.
  • You have at least three years work experience in warehousing, storage, supply chains and distribution
  • Proven experience setting up and running retail and wholesale shops especially in the FMCG space
  • Experience in linkages to unga and other goods whole-sellers. Ideally you have a network of product and service providers we can tap into
  • You are dynamic and pride yourself in your ability to get results within days and weeks where others may take months or years
  • You have a certificate or diploma in retail, wholesale, inventory or a related area
  • Understanding of both, Nairobi and Mombasa markets is an added advantage
  • Work experience in SACCO and credit industry and engaging with a large portfolio of (over 1,000) members is an added advantage.
  • You are fluent in English and Kiswahili
Why work with us? Grassroots Economics seeks to be a leader in Financial Technology with a unique product of Community Currency.
You will learn a lot! You will have the chance to help marginalized communities excel and build business management capacity in others.
Our small and growing team of 8 is highly committed, we share information and learn together. We are self-starters and passionately believe in community development.
We do exchange visits between Mombasa and Nairobi and hold our annual strategy retreat at the coast. We entrust you with great responsibility and match this with freedom and space for ideas.
Other information: You will be based in Nairobi and work from our main office in Kawangware (Gatina). You will visit our shops in Kangemi and Kibera several times per week and have meetings across town to build the required relationships. Occasional travel to visit the Mombasa shops will be scheduled as needed.
You will work closely with one of the Directors who is also based in Nairobi. We envision that the change process in our existing shops will take around six months after which the field team is able to keep profits up and increase revenues to sustain the shops.
We are looking for someone who is versatile and creative, who will continue working with us on new projects afterwards, e.g. rural areas expansion, SACCO integration etc.
Want to apply?
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